October 23-24, 2018 | Bellagio, Las Vegas

OEM Targeted Meetings

J.D. Power is creating a unique forum for Auto Marketers to host private appointments with Suppliers at the event. Participating Auto Marketers specify topics where they would like to gain more insight, giving Suppliers the opportunity to showcase their products and solutions as they apply directly to the Marketer and the topic.

The goal is to provide each participating Auto Marketer with specific, practical applications of the products, services, innovations offered by Suppliers in a private setting. If their proposal is selected, suppliers will be given ten minutes to pitch their concept directly to the Auto Marketer. These one-on-one sessions are short, focused, maintain confidentiality, and create a unique opportunity for Marketers and Suppliers to discuss real solutions.

Click on the logo below to see what areas each Marketer is looking to explore:

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